The Coast Region includes all the provinces located west of the Andes Mountain Range. With the exception of the province of Los Ríos, all the provinces of the Coast have access to the Pacific Ocean. This region is characterized by a tropical climate with humid forests to the north and dry forests to the south.Visitors can find ruins of pre-Columbian cultures in the provinces of Manabí and Guayas. In addition, there are numerous spas and pristine beaches to enjoy the sea, the beach and the sun. Some of the most popular destinations include the cities of Guayaquil, Montañita, Salinas, Manta, Bahía de Caráquez, Atacames, Ayampe, and General Villamil (Beaches). There are also protected areas such as the Machalilla National Park –where the famous beach of Los Frailes and Isla de la Plata are located, the ecological reserves Arenillas and Mache-Chindul and the Cerro Blanco Forest. Finally, visitors can get to all the coastal cities and coastal protected areas along the Spondylus Route, which is a road that runs through the provinces of the coast in a north-south direction.